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Hi there! Welcome to the Perth IELTS and PTE Tutoring website! My name is Reena and I started this company with the aim of providing personalised assistance and coaching to IELTS and PTE Academic candidates. Find out  more about me, IELTS lessons or PTE Academic lessons, booking, fees and all about the PIAPT values, mission and vision or start your test preparation journey with me by sending me an email at 


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The 5 levels of English language competency that are generally used by the Australian Department of Home Affairs are:

IELTS band 4.5 or PTE score of 30 in each component.Typically required for migration purposes only.
IELTS band 5 or PTE score of 36 in each component.
IELTS band 6 or PTE score of 50 in each component.
IELTS band 7 or PTE score of 65 in each component.Usually required for educational institutions, universities, or professional/skilled work.
IELTS band 8 or PTE score of 79 in each component.

Application Requirements:

    • Visa applicants often need Vocational, Competent, or Proficient English.
    • Specific English competency levels are clarified during the visa/educational course application process.

Educational Institutions/University or Professional/Skilled Work:

    • Minimum requirement is usually Proficient English, categorized as Academic.

STAGE 1: Find out exactly what is required of you in terms of proving English competency from your educational institution or migration agency.

STAGE 2: Find the right kind of help.

Some candidates do better in group-learning sessions, some prefer one-on-one learning. Some people absolutely love distance learning while others loathe it and require in-person lessons. Some require a structured, generalised course over a fixed period, and some require flexible, targeted help at different times.

What do YOU need? Based on your needs, find the best help. A private tutor or a language course provider? 

STAGE 3: Get to WORK! 

Either through self-studying, private tutoring or via a course, get STARTED. Before you book a test, there is a minimum amount of knowledge that is required: 

1. test structure

2. test timing 

3. test components. 

Know these basics before you book the test.


STAGE 4: Sit for the test! 

Once you're familiar with the test (if it’s your first attempt), have made significant improvements (if it isn’t your first attempt), worked smart and gotten the most out of your tutor, course or material that you have found, it’s time to take the test! Give it your best and wait for the results.


STAGE 5: Celebration or recovery

Depending on your results, it’ll be time to celebrate or recuperate. It’ll be such a great feeling when you achieve your goals or even exceed them! Sadly it can be rather heartbreaking to learn that you did not achieve the required results.

Lick your wounds, accept the results and start planning your next move. Don’t book another test until you are ready. Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

Something needs to be improved or changed. Speak to your mentor/language course provider/tutor and work towards making improvements and gaining confidence before attempting again.


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